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What is project Eclipse at IME/USP?

Eclipse is a powerful, generic and extensible tool that has been primarily conceived as a skeleton around which users could build and plug-in their own IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) for various languages, such as Java, C++, Python/Jython, Prolog, etc. With its highly extensible component-based architecture, Eclipse, now in its third incarnation, reveals its true nature as a framework for rapid application development - Eclipse IDE, as it was formerly known, is now Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform).

Thanks to IBM sponsorship, IME/USP was able to set up a program targeted at training (we teach people how to use Eclipse), development (we teach people how to extend Eclipse) and research (we invent new ways to use and extend Eclipse) around this fantastic tool.


E-group: Maybe you're intersted in participating in our developers e-group. If so, drop us a line at <<eclipse at ime.usp.br>>.


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