Lecture by Jon "maddog" Hall at IME/USP

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Title: "How to make ten million Reals: Free and Open Source Software after you graduate"

This page contains the video and informations about the lecture given by Jon "maddog" Hall at IME/USP, June 9th, 2005, about Free and Open Source Software.

Summary of the lecture

People always talk about making money with free and open source software, but is anyone really doing it? What are the pitfalls and different tactics that you can use to make money with Free and Open Source Software after you graduate? What types of jobs will be available, and how can you be successful? Maddog will give you some of the most useful education that you can get, and tell you how to prepare for your first "Real" job.

Video and Slides of the lecture

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Jon "maddog" Hall is the Executive Director of Linux International (www.li.org), a non-profit association of computer vendors who wish to support and promote the Linux Operating System. During his career which spans over thirty-five years, Mr. Hall has been a programmer, systems designer, systems administrator, product manager, technical marketing manager and educator. He has worked for such companies as Western Electric Corporation, Aetna Life and Casualty, Bell Laboratories, Digital Equipment Corporation, VA Linux Systems, and SGI.

He has taught at Hartford State Technical College, Merrimack College and Daniel Webster College. He still likes talking to students over pizza and beer (the pizza can be optional).

Mr. Hall is the author of numerous magazine and newspaper articles, many presentations and one book, "Linux for Dummies".

Mr. Hall serves on the boards of several companies, and several non-profit organizations, including the USENIX Association.

Mr. Hall has traveled the world speaking on the benefits of Open Source Software, and received his BS in Commerce and Engineering from Drexel University, and his MSCS from RPI in Troy, New York.

In his spare time maddog is working on his retirement project: maddog's mansion for microcomputing and microbrewing

Where: Auditório Jacy Monteiro
Instituto de Matemática e Estatística
Cidade Universitária - USP
São Paulo - SP

When: thursday 9/6, 19:00 às 22:00